Terms and Conditions


Refunds on money paid in advance, are only given when the destination is not reached within a pre-arranged time period. Delays caused by factors outside our control like road closures due to accidents, are not considered as a cause for a refund.


We can only take up to 8 pieces of luggage. if you are unsure, please contact us in advance.

Airport Transfers:

Please see the services page for details. It is assumed that most people would not want us waiting more than 4 hours on the clock for a delayed flight. For that reason we make it clear that we do not wait more than 4 hours for a delayed flight.


Prices set on this website are not necessarily accurate for your pick-up point. The prices displayed here are a guide only and we reserve the right to change them at any time.


If for whatever reason you need to cancel your reservation please contact us ASAP
Cancellations or non cancellations less than 2hours in advance will still be charged at full price quoted


A2B Cars cannot accept responsibility if you miss your flight due to the following:

  • Incorrect information supplied in the booking form, Email, or any form of direct contact.
  • If you do not show up at the agreed time
  • If you do not show up at the agreed pickup point
  • If you have excess luggage we have not been informed about, you may be refused to travel with us.
  • If your conduct is unacceptable in our vehicles, towards other passengers or the driver, you may be refused to travel with us.
  • If you did not receive a confirmation email from us confirming your travel dates and times.
  • You must allow sufficient time when booking your taxi to allow for the check-in times required by your airline. We advise passengers to plan to arrive at the airport with plenty time prior to flight departure.


Taxi service, reliability and punctuality is an integral part of any trip or holiday. Planning our daily work schedule requires leaving room for flexibility, traffic and ad hoc changes. Good communication regarding delays and cancellations on the travelers part is vital.

Reliable service is a priority, we aim to arrive early at every booking, that requires our customers to be punctual at their pick up point. The planning process also aims to leave out stress situations for the drivers, this has a direct effect on road safety and passenger comfort.

Our drivers complete a daily check form on the fundamental safety of their vehicles: mechanical, electrical, tyres and overall cleanliness. We believe that constant evaluation secures a high level of service.

While we will do everything we can to ensure that we get you to your destination on time there are circumstances out with our control for which we accept no responsibility for, these are as follows, but not limited to:
  • Weather conditions (e.g. closure of roads, bridges, etc due to hazardous conditions such as snow and ice).
  • Excessive traffic.
  • Accidents.
  • Road closures.
  • Mechanical failures.
  • Any event that negatively influences normal journey times.
  • Delays to meet an agreed pick up time and date, we will try to our best abilities to provide an alternative travel option.

Any estimated trip times and times of arrival presented by A2B Cars must therefore only to be taken as indicative assuming that all the above factors fo not come into play. Therefore, as the traveller it is your responsible to ensure that the agreed times allow you sufficient time to reach your destination to subsequently check-in for a flight, take a train or fulfill any other dependencies you might have.

A2B Cars and their drivers cannot be held responsible for any actual or consequential financial or professional loss, missed travel connections (flights, trains, bus etc.) due to the late or non arrival of any taxi vehicle.
Every effort will be made by A2B Cars to ensure that the taxi will arrive on time and reach destinations on time and consequently shall not be held responsible or liable for any delays (and/or arising consequential losses) that occur beyond its control.
Licensed taxis are insured for passenger and third party claims as per local council regulations, however customers personal property is carried entirely at their own risk and A2B Cars shall not be liable or held responsible for any loss or damage to said property.
Our drivers reserve the right to refuse to carry passengers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and who in the opinion of the driver pose a threat to him/herself or his/her vehicle.
All (non fixed/price) journey cost estimates are offered in good faith, neither A2B Cars nor its drivers can be held responsible for any variations from those good faith estimations. It is the customers obligation to provide a working mobile or landline telephone number. Our drivers will do all they reasonably can to ensure the taxi is waiting in an appropriate place for customers to find and will assist customers at all times.
A credit/debit card deposit will be required on all high value or multiple taxi bookings and may or may not be refundable subject to subsequent clauses contained within these 'Terms & Conditions'.
All bookings accepted by the company will be bound by these terms and conditions and customers will be deemed to have read and understood them when booking.
Proceeding with a booking (either online, by email, by text message, or by telephone) infers that the customer has read and agreed to these 'Terms & Conditions'.
Soiling – There will have to be an additional charge for soiling if it requires the taxi to be taken out of service for cleaning. This charge will be within local council guidelines with a £60 minimum charge.
Car Park Fees. When the booking requires the taxi to be parked in a Car Park (e.g. waiting for the customer at an airport), the customer will be charged an excess of any amount over £4 Car Park Fees in addition to the taxi fare.
In the event of a “No-show” by the customer, or if a confirmed booking is cancelled by the Customer within 1 hour of the start of the period of hire, all monies paid will be totally non-refundable.
In addition the full charge may be debited, especially where the journey pick up point is from an airport or seaport.
Taxi drivers are requested to wait at the airport from 30min after flight landing and 1hour or until we receive contact from the customer that the taxi is no longer required. This applies to both international and domestic pickups.
Our drivers are requested to wait until we receive additional information from the customer that the taxi is no longer required.